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  1. So I paid for it, and got the download one time from the automatic redirect, but I never got an email…..What’s the average eta for that?

  2. I have a small concern; I’ve tried out the free version and loved it so I went and bought the program, but when I had open it my Norton Security scanned it and deleted it because it was saying there was a high risk of suspicious activity. I’m just wondering why when it didn’t do this for the free version?

  3. Hey where do I find the download link? Does it come with the Paypal email or in a separate email?

  4. Went to update from a really old version, saw the progress and just purchased, you’re doing a great job keep on working on it!

  5. I originally saw this on Reddit. Congrats on making this great tool. I hope it makes you rich.

  6. Thanks a lot homes. Getting a lot of great use out of this tool.

    I have paid before (using PayPal) but the function of validating my e-mail in that field resulted in “No names like that in the DB” kind of message. Not complaining, just am unsure the functionality is working properly in that particular feature.

    Keep up the good work and take care!

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