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Resize and alter the playback speed of your gifs even after you have recorded. Optimizations are done automatically to mask out repeating pixels and exclude repeating colors to reduce the size, but not quality of your gif.

Loads of Features

This tool exists to enhance the gif making process. Hundreds of revisions and dozens of features have been added through 23 updates since its epoch.

Saves You Time

Giffing Tool been developed from the ground up to encase all the steps for making gifs with the cleanest kit for editing and publicising your creations in seconds. You can customize everything from how and what you will record to dialog for your viewers.

Over 50,000 users this week alone

Featured on LifeHacker, PC Magazine, and Visually

Before it got released I checked the youtube video which made me enraged that finally after 15 years there is a GIF tool that actually works and is easy to use. Great tool, will use it like an addict!!!









Also creates WEBMs and MP4s with sound

Change Log

Update 4.9

  • Added header feature to add a white bar atop gifs
  • Improved playback performance on cached frames
  • Automatically resize large recordings into smaller scale in editor
  • Improved idle CPU usage
  • Fixed captions not having individual stroke thickness

Update 4.7

  • Removed dead mixtape.moe from upload options
  • Various performance upgrades

Update 4.5

  • Disabled spacebar toggling mute sound in editor
  • Fixed a bug where time remapping could cause a crash
  • Made sound recording optional for PCs without Sound Mix

Update 4.4

  • Fixed a crash when importing a video

Update 4.3

  • Added sound recording and playback
  • Optimized to record at 30+ FPS
  • Optimized to play back at 30+ FPS in editor
  • Fixed bug where pause sometimes wouldn't work
  • Added mp4 as a save file type
  • Added mp4 as a upload file type
  • Added click and drag selection when importing a video clip
  • Video preview will now only appear when editor is active
  • Fixed bug where other SDL apps were placed in editor window
  • Added chime sound when preview is ready
  • Fixed imgur upload
  • Removed dead site upload
  • Added editor caching to options
  • Fixed a bug where editor did not refresh preview when double clicking a caption
  • Added option to disable windows aero while recording
  • Added option to mute rendering of audio
  • Fixed a bug where stepping through timeline one frame at a time didn't update timeline text
  • Added "B" and "N" hotkeys for setting left and right markers in timeline
  • Clipboard is now cleared before attempting to upload
  • Fixed timeline inaccuracy
  • Added repeat frames for dropped frames while recording

Update 4.1

  • Fixed missing font issue on Windows 10.

Update 4.0

  • Fixed "Sequence contains no elements" bug for Windows 10.
  • Added mixtape.moe as a upload host and removed dead sites.
  • Webms can now be previewed after saving.
  • Fixed bug where crop size would be formatted wrong.

Update 3.9

  • Added support for opening AVI, MP4, WEBM, and MKV videos
  • Added pomf.se as a upload provider to upload webms and gifs up to 50MB
  • Added a selection window for specifying the start time and duration of the video to open
  • Fixed a bug where the record preset button was over the dropzone
  • Increased the frame limit to 65 FPS
  • Uploads now provide the true file name
  • Fixed some typos on the upload limit alert
  • Quality now changes the bitrate on webms for further optimization
  • Highest = 5000k Bitrate
    High = 4000k Bitrate
    Medium = 3000k Bitrate
    Low = 2000k Bitrate
Update 3.8
  • Fixed a bug where frames wouldn't process if webm folder was missing
Update 3.7
  • Added webm as a save file type
  • Made the left monitors work when the right most monitors are primary
Update 3.6
  • Fixed empty gaps when stroking periods on fonts that have finesse
  • Fixed the last pixel on the gif being a random color sometimes
  • Added drag and drop on the editor for importing images
  • Added Time Remapping for duplicating and removing mass amounts of frames in the editor
  • Added Cinemagraph tool for creating cinemagraph gifs
  • Added notice when no frames are selected on save
Update 3.5
  • Automatic selection of youtube videos for Firefox added to the record drop down menu
Update 3.4
  • Added Youtube and Vimeo presets to the new recording button for quicker selections
  • Cancel button is disabled when canceling selection through right click
Update 3.3
  • Switched record from ticks to timer so recordings are smoother and you can record at higher rates than before
  • Fixed bug where transparacy optimization was not taking effect from last update
  • Added where to insert option to import
  • Added how many seconds to play the still frame for import
  • Selecting file on import is set to all files so its easier to select files
  • Added luminate filter
Update 3.2
  • Added a crop tool for post record editing
  • Added a button to unlock the aspect ratio
  • Non numeric characters are now removed from the height text field
Update 3.1
  • Added an import feature to the editor for combining gifs
  • Import gifs, pngs, jpgs, and bmps
  • Three sizing methods for making the merge compatible
  • Application closes after an error popup
  • Play stopped when closing the editor to avoid memory conflicts
  • Minimize to tray is now disabled by default
  • Minimize to tray is now a setting in the options
  • Fixed a bug where the tray record animation would stay on after opening a gif
  • Resizing the caption on the timeline now captures mouse movement outside of the window
  • Fixed a bug where the timeline caption would extend the marker past the first or last frame
  • Processing windows now start at the center of their parent windows
  • Reverted the indexing on high and medium back to each pixel
Update 3.0
  • Added an effect button
  • Added grayscale effect
  • Fixed a bug where the last frame was not selected by default
Update 2.9
  • Added a bold button to the caption editor
  • Added a italic button to the caption editor
  • Added a underline button to the caption editor
  • Fixed a bug where the marker would be considered a double click on 1 click if your computer was on for more than 50 days
  • Fixed a bug where the preview would instantly play back if your computer was on for more than 50 days
  • Fixed a bug where the caption would be and edit mode, but not visible if you double clicked on the timeline bar of the caption
  • Cleaned up the drag and drop
Update 2.8
  • Fixed a "Parameter is not valid" bug where an invisible db file was created by Windows 8 or Photoshop in the frames folder
  • Fixed a bug where the timeline text did not update on cut, copy, and paste
  • Drag and drop is now available for Chrome
  • Fixed a bug where opening a gif did not clear the frames folder
Update 2.7
  • Caption timeline length starts at 10 frames
  • Extending the right side of a timeline caption takes priority over the left side
  • High and Medium skips every other frame when creating the palette to speed up rendering
Update 2.6
  • High is now Highest quality with 5 pixel tolerance
  • Medium is now Highest quality with 10 pixel tolerance
  • Low is Highest quality with dithering
  • Width and height fields automatically filter out non numerical characters
  • Fixed a preview bug where it would go past the last frame
  • Clicking on the black timeline bar moves the main marker to that frame
  • Double clicking on the marker moves the left and right marker to that frame
  • Sped up the play reaction time
  • Opening progress now tells you how many frames have been unpacked before it shows their process progress
Update 2.5
  • Added Noelshack upload - 20 MB
  • Fixed a bug where mouse wouldn't capture while over the main window
  • Timeline hotkeys now work even when editing a caption
  • Added a button to delete selected frames
  • Hotkey for delete button is delete
  • Added a button to set the gif dimensions as the recording dimensions
  • Caption ranges to next 3 frames instead of to end of selection
  • Record last area hotkey is Ctrl+Q
  • Fixed the tooltip description for the upload button
  • Cleaned up imgur upload to run faster
Update 2.4
  • Fixed blurry over size of left, right, and main timeline marker
  • Fixed left marker going 1 pixel higher than main timeline marker
  • Blue timeline selector now covers entire timeline height
  • Blue timeline selector is now visible when one frame is selected
  • Reduced recording bar height
  • Enabled editor window resizing
  • Timeline marker positions are dynamically calculated
  • Improved timeline position calculation
  • Converted play button
  • Added first frame button
  • Added previous frame button
  • Added next frame button
  • Added last frame button
  • Timeline groupbox removed
  • Render settings made into toolbar from groupbox
  • Caption settings made into toolbar from groupbox
  • Save hotkey is now S
  • Caption Tool hotkey is now T
  • Play hotkey is now spacebar
  • Previous frame hotkey is Page Up
  • Next frame hotkey is Page Down
  • First frame hotkey is Home
  • Last frame hotkey is End
  • Playing from outside the selection plays the entire recording
  • Playing from inside the selection plays the selection, starting at the marker
  • PicStation removed from the upload list
  • Imgur downgraded to 2MB since 5MB hasn't been working
  • Record area selector has dashed border and shadowing
  • Captions inital length go to end frame selector
  • Upload is a progress bar
Update 2.3
  • Packed the gif encoder inside the application
  • Packed the chime sound inside the application
  • Highest quality now optimizes repeating pixels to transparent chroma key
Update 2.2
  • Fixed a bug where the main marker snapped to the middle of the cursor or to the right
  • Converted the editor delay to frame rate format
  • The frame rate is automatically calculated in case ideal frame rate was not recorded
  • Added a faux upload progress to Minus upload
  • Fixed a bug where 0 stroke would leave a thin stroke
  • Added a second thread for saving the recorded frames to lessen the risk of ram overload
  • Imgur Upload now supports 5MB uploads
Update 2.1
  • Captions snap to each other and center for easier positioning
  • Resizing caption with scroll wheel updates size drop down
Update 2.0
  • Fixed a bug where opening a gif would hang
  • Opening a gif shows the frame processing progress
  • Recording to file lowered to 500 milliseconds
Update 1.9
  • Records and edits from file instead of RAM
  • Uses 80,000 - 150,000 kilobytes of RAM instead of 600,000+
  • Minimizing to tray icon is Re-Enabled
  • *reminder Record from tray with Ctrl+Insert
Update 1.8
  • Button that starts recording in the last selected area
Update 1.7
  • Open and edit existing gifs instead of recording them
  • Internal language set to English to avoid decimals being replaced by commas in the framerate
  • Default width available in the options
  • Stroke size changes in real time
  • Preview tab disables when editing timeline to indicate that it is not live
Update 1.6
  • Minus.com upload (IE9 or higher required)
  • View saved gif in app instead of default browser
  • Pin to taskbar option
  • Change caption color
  • Change caption stroke color
  • Change caption stroke thickness
  • Less memory usage
  • Compatible on x64 bit
Update 1.5
  • Recording is converted to images after recording is finished to record smoother and faster
  • Timeline says how many frames are selected
  • Delete selected frames button added
  • Status bar added to the bottom of the editor
  • Estimated file size moved to the status bar
  • File size moved to the status bar
  • File name moved to the status bar
  • Upload progress moved to the status bar
  • Button descriptions shown in the status bar
  • Complicated features merged into the quality selector
  • Highest - No compression
  • High - Dithering
  • Medium - 128 color quantization using ImageMagick
  • Low - Dithering and 64 color quantization using ImageMagick
  • Lowest - Dithering and 32 color quantization using ImageMagick
  • Size merged to one line
  • Skip frame every removed
  • Caption editor set to disable when no caption is selected instead of hiding
  • Dragging trimmers and marker outside of window is now captured
  • Caption starts at marker and extends for 10 frames instead of extending to the end of the timeline so you can caption faster
  • New Button Hotkey - Ctrl + N
  • Save Button Hotkey - Ctrl + S
  • Caption Button Hotkey - Ctrl + T
  • Play Button Hotkey - Ctrl + Q
  • Cut Button Hotkey - Ctrl + X
  • Copy Button Hotkey - Ctrl + C
  • Paste Button Hotkey - Ctrl + V
  • Reverse Button Hotkey - Ctrl + R
  • Delete Button Hotkey - DEL
  • New, Save, Caption, Play, Cut, Copy, Paste, Reverse, Copy Caption, Delete Caption and Delete selected frames show their hotkey and title in the status bar
  • Icon resized and recreated so it is no longer pixelated
  • Framerate is decimal based so you can record as high or as low as you want. 0.5 = 1 frame every 2 seconds.
  • File creation and access test is done when the application is run to inform users if they are unable to use the app due to admin restrictions
  • Editor has a minimum width to show all buttons and status bar
  • Caption frame estimator now accounts for no left margin in its sub canvas
  • When ImageMagick is used to quantisize a lower color pallet, the process window will say "Making Magic..." and a message box will say "Magic isn't real." if ImageMagick is unable to process the gif due to Operating system or memory restrictions.
  • ImageMagick creates a temp file called "temp.gif" in the executable location and replaces your selected file name/path when it finished processing the gif.
  • Cursor is an IBeam when captioning tool has active
  • Optional size ratio removed, no one should be making warped gifs anyways
  • Frames in clipboard are disposed when editor is closed
Update 1.4
  • Uses less memory
  • Custom framerate
  • Record mouse cursor in options
  • Editor can resize height and minimize
  • Cut, copy, paste, and reverse frames
  • Completely rewritten timeline method
Update 1.3
  • Fixed an update bug
Update 1.2
  • Preview your gif with the play button
  • Dithering is now an option in the render settings.
  • Dithering lets you render gifs 90% faster and with a smaller file size.
  • The font selected is saved and loaded between editing gifs
  • Added AciaNet upload support
  • New settings are added without having to use the new settings file.
  • You are prompted when you start recording to know how to stop recording.
  • It now checks if all files exist and if they can be accessed.
  • You can cancel selecting an area by right clicking while selecting.
  • Minimizing to tray has been disabled until memory issue is resolved.
  • Fixed the bug where the text box wouldn't stop focusing
Update 1.1
  • The width, height, and delay textboxes change numbers with your scroll wheel
  • Estimated file size in editor dashboard
  • Updates can be turned off the options
  • The hotkey Ctrl+Insert is working
  • Auto run will attempt to access the registry if run as admin and will give a tooltip if it is unable to set or unset the auto run
  • Duplicate caption button duplicates in the exact same location
  • Quality setting auto saves
  • Tips are shown for making better gifs
  • Editor window will not resize
  • Tray icon now goes away when application is closed
  • No DRM
Initial Release
  • All the text is stroked with a black outline to read clearly
  • Captions can be edited to show on the scenes you choose
  • The recording framerate can be changed in options
  • The gif size is put into the window title.
  • It overwrites without prompt for quick saving.
  • It has a default file name so you can just press enter to save
  • You can set it to skip frames to lower the file size further
  • You can speed up and slow down the gif by changing the delay
  • The quality can be set higher and lower to change the file size
  • The gif url is copied to the clipboard upon upload
  • You can use multiple captions
  • You can use all fonts with the captions
  • Click and drag to record
  • Cropping tool and captions snap to the beginning of frames
  • The file upload progress has been added to the title
  • The captions are now draggable on the timeline
  • PicStation has been added to the upload list. It supports 10MB gifs
  • The tool now minimizes to the tray icon
  • The hotkey Ctrl+Insert has been added to the recorder
  • Duplicate button has been added to the captions button for easier flashing captions
  • The captions now resize with your scroll wheel
  • The tool can now start at system start up
  • The upload finished chime is now optional
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