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A different part of my screen is being recorded instead of the area I selected
My application crashes when I start it
I get a “Parameter is not valid” error
  • If you do not have full access on your computer. The application may be restricted to only saving gifs in the same directory as the application.


  1. Hey SEGnosis. I get image artifacting when I try to make gifs. I’ve tried adjusting the quality and size, but it still happens. Someone told me that it’s an issue of the amount of colors in the video I’m giffing. Is there a way to alleviate this?

    • The gifs are limited to a 256 color pallet.
      If you would like true colors, it would have to be saved as a webm.

  2. When I request the update by giving my email it doesn’t send anything and I tried to resend my email and it says the update link has already been sent to that email. Help?

  3. No matter what I do, when I go to save a gif it comes back and says “There was an error. The details of the error are: Sequence contains no elements”

    In resources it shows all of the frames, but it won’t export the gif. I’ve tried running it in compatibility mode and as an admin; the same error returns.

  4. I’ve added a caption or text to my gif. I don’t see any way to close the caption tools to return to the size and quality settings unless I delete my caption. Is there a way to do that without deleting the caption? Thanks!

  5. I bought this program quite some time ago, haven’t used it since, how can I get my paid version without the little bar?

  6. In the support page, I have read to add ‘[email protected]’ to my whitelist to receive the download link for giffing tool. I received an email from ‘[email protected]’ with the download link and wasn’t sure if the email address could be trusted. Have I received a spam email, or is this the genuine download? I also cannot seem to be able to send an email to ‘[email protected]

    • We switched email hosts to be able to send to hotmail since godaddy is blocked.
      It is a legitimate download from us.

    • I’ve extended the text across the timeline for many different lengths. The text just seems to vanish behind the gif once i click anywhere outside the text box. It is still visible in the timeline, but doesn’t overlay on top of the gif.

        • Heartbreaking. Most definitely an easy and amazing app. If this ever gets replicated by anyone else and ends up getting resolved ill be sure to donate again. Thanks for the quick response. I’ll just stick to “silent films” for now. Haha

  7. why aren’t any of the gifs i make as smooth as the source? increasing fps only speeds the animation up. the quality doesn’t seem that great either. having my capture set to 10fps looks really laggy. how do i get around this?

    • If your computer cannot record at 30 fps, you can open the video in giffing tool instead of recording.

  8. For some reason, I’m not receiving the update email in my account. It worked before a while back, but it’s not working right now.

  9. Whenever I try and upload my gifs it says “try using a smaller area” or something along those lines.
    P.S I forgot how to crop. How do I do it again? (You must be facepalming)

    • You might be recording an area that is too big or a recording that is too long. 300 size and 5-10 seconds is preferred.

      For cropping, click the crop icon on the left toolbar and resize to the crop area you want. Then save your gif as normal.

  10. I just used the buy later version and it was working great. So I decided to buy the actual version. For some reason even after two downloads I am unable to open the file.

    Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.

    I don’t understand, the buy it later version works fine but this one does not even want to open to be extracted.

        • It finally downloaded correctly. It failed twice downloading using Crome. And it works using Internet Explorer. Just a heads up to others about to download this. IE seems to be the better option. Thanks again man, looking forward to making silly stuff on the internet with your beautiful program.

  11. Could you add more editing options (i.e brightness, contrast, clarity, etc.) in the next update?

  12. I have a question.

    How do I loop a webm on the program? When I open the webms I captured they all don’t loop.

  13. Thanks for a great tool.

    Is there any way to caption/add text to multiple frames without going frame by frame?

    And is there any way to do multi-line captions?


  14. If I donate again, will I receive a new download link? Or do I have to use a different paypal account? I really want to have giffingtool on both of my computers.

    • You will receive a new download link with a new purchase, however, Giffing Tool is not restricted per computer.

  15. Everytime I start giffing tool I get this error message: “It seems something went wrong. Try recording a smaller area for a shorter time period to not overload your computers memory”
    I’ve tried setting XP compatibility mode, downloading the latest version and starting the program as administrator.

  16. Generally how long does it take to receive the e-mail with the download? I donated and am anxiously awaiting.
    Will happily donate more once I receive it of course.

    • It can take up to an hour depending on your email’s spam filter.
      It is sent to your paypal email and from what I see, your paypal email is different from the one you posted with here.

  17. I cant open the Giffing Tool was working fine up to a few days ago and now I get a message saying the program has stopped working and closes.

  18. Every time I create a webm video and try to make it look smooth by increasing the FPS all I get is the GIF speeding up. So how can I increase the amount of frames and make the video look smoother without making it speed up?

    • You could use the time remapper to duplicate frames, but I don’t know if that will give you the look you’re going for.

  19. Is there a way to make it play in reverse at the end of the video? So that is plays forward, then backward, then forward, then backward, etc. Thanks!

  20. When will I receive the email for the purchased app? I have already tried to resend it to my email, but nothing is showing up in my inbox or spam folder.

  21. Browser: Chrome
    Operating System: Windows 7
    Drive on the Web / Drive for desktop: Both

    Giffing Tool(which is stored in my Google Drive) stores copies of each frame of a file in my Google Drive trash. Here is how it works, I open a file(in this case MP4), I do my thing, save it. Google drive trash is clear, but if I click record new area or close G.T. and then open it again, frames from the last project will get loaded into the trash. If I screen grab, but without editing or saving the file, and just close G.T. the screen grab frames will go to the trash.

    It’s not really a problem I guess, I can just click empty trash. I just wanted to let you know and was kinda wondering if that’s normal? I’m curious if it was on my computer would it store those files in a tmp folder until the Disk Cleaner got to it? That seam like a dumb questions but I’m just trying to make sure I understand what Giffing Tool is doing.

    • The frames from the last recording/opening are deleted when you either close Giffing Tool, make a new recording, or open a file for editing.

  22. At times when I would make a gif it would look to be working until I upload it to Tumblr. Once uploaded it wouldn’t move, making it look like a screen shot. In making a set, some of the gifs would move and others wouldn’t. I’m not sure what problem I’m running into here.

    • Tumblr has a gif size limit. If the gif is bigger than the limit, it removes its animation. Its usually around 1.1 MB. Try trimming them shorter or making them smaller.

  23. I can’t unzip the file in Windows 8. It says the zipped file is empty and invalid.

  24. I would like to know if is possible to execute giffing tool without internet conection.

  25. Hi. I purchased this product from the paypal link and I don’t have a paypal account. Is there any way I can get the purchased copy thru emal? I have the confirmation number to verify the purchase.

  26. can i change the framerates on selected frames without deleting the other frames?

    • You can use the time remapping to duplicate frames (slow down) or remove frames (speed up) on a selected area.

  27. Think my reply flew under the radar, so I’ll just ask again. Can I get a download link for a previous version of Giffing Tool please? The zip I’ve tried to download about 5 times now for the recent version are all corrupt.

    • The download links are automated and don’t link to past versions.
      You’ll have to download from a more reliable source if your internet is unreliable.

  28. Hi,

    I think there is something wrong with the update file I was emailed earlier. I replaced the old Giffing Tool zip file I had with the update, and the new file is 9.62 MB in size, but claims to be empty. Is there any way I could get a new download link, or is there a way to fix the extraction issue?

      • Okay, I got a new download (and another one after that) and I still had the same issues. The .zip was completely corrupt, and neither windows explorer or 7zip manage to extract the files. I downloaded a fix-it program for corrupted files and figured out what the problem is. It says that ffmpeg is either missing or corrupt, and when I ran the Giffing Tool application, it said “settings” was missing.

        Could I please get a download link for a previous, recent version? I feel I might have more luck with that.

  29. Hey man, is there a way to shrink the file size of webm files? I have seen alot of webms on imageboards that are 720hd, last over 30seconds and are all under 3mb. Anyways great program, hopefully you can make this happen with giffing tool as webm is the new way of the future!

  30. I was just wondering if there was a feature that would allow me to speed up a gif a little? Because i can’t seem to find it, if it exists.

  31. When adding text then centering it the position changes to the right a bit after you click off the text layer. I’m always adding two extra spaces to center it.

    Is it possible to A. Just put the text wherever we want without the snapping? And B. Have multiple lines of text??

    I am using the latest version btw.


  32. I love giffing tool! It has made making gifs so much easier for me. However, once I started using the bought version and I go to save, the little window shows up and and it says its processing but it doesn’t. When I click it the little window says its not responsive and I end up having to close the program. Any thoughts about what is wrong?

  33. I just started to use version 3.7 on a Win 8.1 64bit, and it works up until I go to save. The smaller “Processing” window appears, but its blank inside.

    I have restarted the system, and I have extracted and run a new copy of giffing tool from my .zip download. Any thoughts?

  34. The program was working amazingly, then I unpinned it from my task bar. When I go to open it now, I get an error “settings.txt does not exist” -.-

    • Wherever you have giffing tool located, create a text file called settings.txt if it doesn’t exist or move it to another folder where it has more access.

  35. GIFs captured from youtube videos become black and white (but with a slight blue hue). It looks fine in the program itself, the issue arises when I save it. I’ve tried fiddling with the FPS and quality a little but it still happens.

    • That is a bug that was resolved within an hour of it being released. You should update to the latest version.

      • I have version 3.6, isn’t that the latest? When I open the saved gif (with the black/white/blue hue) with the program again, the colour returns. So surely the information is in the file somewhere, why isn’t it being used?

          • The form is limited to one request per hour per email to avoid spam.
            Go ahead and give it another try.

          • It turns out it was just an issue with the program I use to view GIFs (IrfanView). When I view them in Chrome or IE they work just fine. The one that originally made me suspicious simply had a lot of blue in it. Thanks for your time.

  36. Hi There,

    i was just wondering if you could add support for “Display Zoom – 125%”, that is because

    I’m using a FullHD screen whenever i need to create a GIF Image, i would need to switch my display to 100% zoom which makes my work even harder due to small icons and words.

    Thank you

    P.S: Love The work you done!

  37. Hi, I’m having a problem with the latest update of the app. I noticed that it keeps disappearing after some time, like it has been erased from the system. I didn’t had this problem before today.

    • I figured out what happened. It was Norton that kept getting rid of it. But just to ask, there’s nothing with the Update 3.6? Nothing to that will risk the safety of my system? It’s a pretty dumb question though since I’ve been using the program for about a year now, and hadn’t had something like this happen before, but better safe then sorry.

  38. The luminate effect doesn’t seem to work for me, even in the latest version. Grayscale looks fine, but any GIF I save after applying the luminate effect looks the same as one without it. Any ideas?

  39. I’ve just bought version 1.1 but when i try to update it to the latest version, i get the same version. Do i have to pay again?

      • I do have multiple monitors, but they are not arranged in any strange way. Just right next to each other. But i just tested it and it works if I click “New” while the window is on my right hand larger monitor.

        FYI I have a 1680 x 1050 on the left hand side, and a 1920 x 1200 on the right. Right hand larger monitor is set as my main display.

  40. Every time I go to save a gif, it comes up with the error: It seems something went wrong. Try recording a smaller area for a shorter time period to not overload your computers memory.

  41. Hi, I bought giffing tool and was wondering if you will adding transparent text options or if there is already a way to enable transparent text.

  42. It says “the upload link has been placed in your clipboard” yet i have no idea how to open it. The videos i’ve seen they open automatically and mine doesn’t do that

  43. I purchased this tool a number of updates back, but I can’t seem to update to the newest version. How do I go about doing that after already purchasing it?

  44. I found the page to request a new download link. I clicked it, but a dialog box popped up over the Save Download dialog. When I pressed the Escape key to dismiss the other dialog box, the Save Download dialog box disappeared too, so that download link is now not useable. I tried requesting another download link, but now it says a download link has already been sent to my address. How long do I have to wait now?

    Also, please post a notice to let people know that download managers may pose a problem.

    P.S. – There must be a better way of acquiring the software.

    • The links are one time use to prevent direct linking to the download; it has been done before. The cool down period between sending emails is 1 hour to prevent spam attacks. The text above the download link states that it does not work with download managers. You should be able to request a new link now.

  45. It seems almost every GIF I try and make now always ends up having tears after I have capture from YouTube. Is there something I can do to fix this? It never used to happen.

    • Could be the HTML5 player, that you’re using too much CPU in other processes, or that the framerate is too high.

      • Thanks for the reply. I am fairly certain I am on the Flash player having opted out of HTML5 some time ago. I have tried as low as 10FPS and as high as 20FPS on the options to see if that changes things but it still has a tendency to tear. As for CPU, no processes seem to be using any high amount of it, the highest being Firefox itself.

        • A quick way to check if its HTML5 would be to right click the player. The flash player users a regular context menu while HTML5 has a weird all white menu. Other than that, I don’t know what else would be causing tearing.

  46. When using version 3.5 with the “detect and select youtube” for firefox option, I get the error message that the flash plugin is not running when in fact it is. Any thoughts?

      • I already had eliminated that possibility before posting. Tried YouTube Center greasemonkey script to manually select flash as default player for youtube to see if that would fix it and I get the same result. I’m positive youtube is using flash and not HTML5.

  47. When I edit and save a gif, it only saves a gif file that is 1kb. I am merging 2 gif’s together, both are low quality also. I read some previous comments/suggestions, nothing really the same as what I am dealing with. Also, after I save the gif (the 1kb file), the editor is still open…..and where my ‘working’ gif was in the editor, is a blank white box (same size as my gif) with a black X in the top left corner.


  48. Hi! I’ve been a supporter since the start. Love how far the program has gone!

    Question is. When it says theres a new version to download it just takes me to the front page. Do I have to pay for it again to update it everytime?

  49. Hey, I just downloaded this program and I made two related gifs to post on my blog, but no matter what I do they won’t play and every site says the file is corrupted or wrong in some way. I don’t know why this is happening. Any suggestions?

  50. Hello , I’ve recently been trying to purchase the giffingtool program with a giftcard on paypal but it wont let me purchase it. haalp. .n.

  51. I would like to download this, but I was wondering if it is compatible with mac osx? If not, is there any chance you will make a mac version?

  52. I’ve already purchased giffing tool but don’t have the email listing downloads any more. How can I have it re-sent? Thanks.

  53. Would be great if the “estimated size” changed when we change quality settings…. Filesize is always one of the biggest considerations when making GIFs. Thanks.

    • Ever since I advanced the optimization methods.
      The estimated file size has always been overestimating and since each recording can have no optimization or every frame optimized.
      There is no way to properly estimate it anymore.

  54. I may just be missing it, but after I add text to a .gif I cannot get back to the other screen to edit the size/quality/framerate boxes. Or do I need to have that figured our prior to adding the text overlay?

    • That is very strange.
      It looks like it might be an error on Windows XP with the icon resources.
      Set it to run as admin and try compatibility mode Windows XP SP2. If it doesn’t work, I’ll see if I can convert the files in the next update.

      • Actually, my only Windows user account is set to run as an administrator and I’m on Windows XP SP3 (there is no SP2 compatibility mode). So, no luck there.

        If you can come up with a solution, that’ll be great!

  55. Hi i am using v2.4, when i save a gif the image resizes to a small resolution for some reason, and will there be a preview function, i saw on youtube videos that older versions use to have this feature thanks.

    • It resizes to 300 by default, you can increase the default size in the options.
      The preview of the saved file is automatically shown after the gif is saved.

  56. When I opened giffing tool, it prompted me to update and automatically closed so that I couldn’t use it. I sent a request to update, but it said my email wasn’t in the database. Not sure what to do here.

  57. when i try to save my work i get this ” it seems something went wrong. Try recording a smaller area for a shorter time period to not overload your computer’s memory. The exact details of the error are:
    Parameter is not valid “

  58. I downloaded the newest version(2.3) and whenever i make a second gif i get this
    when i start recording. If i unpack the program and use it once it gives no error but when you make your second gif this error appears. Any solutions?

  59. I haven’t had a chance to test on another pc to see if it’s just me, but it seems as if the upload features are not working properly with version 2.2

  60. Just downloaded it. Tried to use it several times, keeps crashing when I try to record anything. Tried changing the settings file, that didn’t do anything.

      • I learned that this issue can be caused when the recording doesn’t match up.

        Check your frames folder while in the editor to see if any of the pictures are 0 bytes in size.

        What version are you using?

          • Have you tried saving it without playing the gif at the same time? Are you running it under a restricted account? Try moving the application to the C:\ drive and run it from there.

          • @SEGnosis : Answer to your below questions (as reply button was not showing)

            1. Yes, i have tried it with & without playing the gif, but the result is the same.

            2. No i am using it as admin, and i have windows XP SP 3.

            3. Tried by moving to C, but of no use.

        • If you are using an older version. It may have recorded at a slower speed than it was set to. So when they were played back and fewer frames were recorded than needed. It looks sped up. Try recording a smaller area or a lower frame rate that is more suitable to your computer’s capabilities. Or just use the latest version since it covers that.

  61. Recently the tool is speeding up all of my GIFs. Did I mess up the settings? What should “Delay” be set to?

    • It is a issue with the compression method. It could maybe get fixed with resizing the image.

    • There is no auto alignment or snap features as of yet, but if you want to have it easier you can copy the caption and the new caption will be in the same location.

  62. I stopped using the program for a while but then decided to start reusing it and when I did it refused to work. I can select an area to make into a GIF but it won’t let me cancel the recording and begins to slow down my computer to the point I have to shut it down completely. Also a pop up appears constantly afterwards with some coding and “The operation completed successfully”.

  63. well…maybe my system isn’t right for it, but this seems to have been a waste or me. I can’t see the entire program screen and it doesn’t capture where I specify. Not a big loss at all on my part, but my stupid acer and windows vista don’t seem to do well with it.

  64. Works as described when making gifs but it can’t open existing gifs for editing. A “Processing” pop-up that reads “Reading gif Data” comes up and loads forever.

  65. oh! i also can not open gifs at all. it just says “reading gif data” and just hangs there. i can’t even cancel and have to end the process.

    • Ya same here….Is it because of the size of the gif??? I’ve tried to open 900kb-1.7mb gifs and it just seems to hang like david said.

  66. well i shelled out a buck for it. I’m having issues with the higher framerates in 1.9.

    The delay is not being set properly to compensate resulting in super fast gifs compared to what i’m capturing. I’m trying to do it manually but it takes a loooot of trial and error. Would love to see this fixed. Also there are a lot less compression options now. Would like to see those come back, and would like to see more added like grey scale and otherthings gifcam already has.

    • The advanced settings where unneeded since it took a lot of tweaking. Instead I put the best settings and categorized them into quality.

  67. Hey, I dont have a PayPal account and do not intend to create one
    So how can I send the money so that I can download it??

    • Or can you give me a evualation copy so that I can evualate and then buy
      I want to get this awesome software so help please

  68. Hello,

    i seem to have a problem,
    if i make a gif, 90% of the time my gif does not seem to work, what could be the problem according to you ?
    would it be the size ? ( because very very very tiny one’s do work)… ( i would like to put my gif’s on tumblr )


    • Tumblr has a limit of around 1.2 MB per animated gif so you would need to either lower the frame rate or size to meet that requirement.

  69. Hi SEGnosis,

    Thanks for this awesome software. 2 things to report, in case you have the time to resolve them:

    1) The tool captures the image OFFSET from the area i selected (more to the top left). I have dual monitors which i think might be causing this issue?

    2) The icon doesn’t disappear from the notification bar after closing the program (Win 7 x64). Moving the mouse near it makes it disappear.


  70. Trying to make a GIF from a DVD, followed all the steps correctly but all I get are completely black fames. Not a particularly interesting GIF.

    • It sounds like the video player you are using might be using OpenGL which does not show up on regular screenshots. Try playing it with DirectX settings on or another player.

  71. And when I use this setting file: startup|ZmFsc2U=&dithering|ZmFsc2U=&update|dHJ1ZQ==&sound|dHJ1ZQ==&framerate|OQ==&quality|MA==&font family|QXJpYWw=&stop record tutorial|ZmFsc2U=&stop url copied tutorial|ZmFsc2U=&record cursor|ZmFsc2U=&

    I can access the options, but when I change the framerate I can’t click save and the dot is converted to a comma since in France we use commas instead of dots, forcing a comma for french systems or converting commas to dots works.

  72. Every time I click on the “Update 1.5″ link, it just bring me to the top of the home page.

  73. Not sure if this would be considered a bug, but with every gif there’s one pixel twoards the bottom right that changes colors it’s a pretty large annoyance when it comes to dark GIFs because of how noticable it is.

  74. Just a little thing.
    With the new 1.5 update, when I record a gif and the frames are processed and it leads into the editor, I see clearly that the resolution is something like 300×160 or something MUCH smaller, clearly much smaller, than what it was that I recorded. Is this a new thing here to stay?

    • By default it goes to 300 for making small gifs for imgur, but you can size it up by scrolling your mousewheel on the width/height text box or by entering the size you want it to be.

      On the latest 1.5 build, it notches by 50 pixels instead of 2 pixels for greater speed.

  75. Oups just tried the x64 version & 1.5 x64 still crashes for me on the save of the gif. :(

    Let me know when you expect to have a new one X64 version !

  76. Here’s a small bug with the 1.5 x64 version . At the start when it check for an Update he find One…. since I think the version of x64 version is hard-coded as V1.0.

    Let me know… So I will redownload again & enable the “Update Check”

    Thx for the update ! :)

  77. Thanks so much for this tool. It works great on one of my computers, but the other has the strangest problem.

    When I try to capture video, it captures only a part of the image. All else seems to work fine; I don’t have any force quits or error messages. Just a blank checkerboard pattern where most of my captured video is supposed to go.

    Here is what it looks like:

    FYI, this is a Windows 7 machine. I’ve had this problem with all versions I’ve tried (1.2, 1.3, and now 1.5). I use an external mouse which I thought was the culprit for a while because the screen capture did not match what I selected, but the main problem now seems to be that there is no capture for most of my image.

    Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give!

  78. I’m running Windows 7 x64 and I also get a crash when saving a gif. 1.4 works great for me, but 1.5 x32 and 1.5 x64 both have the same behavior. I tried running as admin, changing the security on the files, etc. I also tried installing imagemagick via their site as described by one of the other users, but no change.

    • 1.5 is troublesome on x64 bit Windows, just keep on using a lower version and you’ll be great

  79. Hello Dev, this is a very handy piece of software and I donated for it but recently I upgraded to windows 8, so whenever I try to save the gif, it comes as stopped working…
    I tried the steps mentioned above but in vain nothing works
    Please Help Me!!!!

      • Well I tried everything trouble shooting method you have given but with no luck and I also tried compatiblity mode
        I have Windows 8 32 bit
        Tool v1.5

  80. Hi!
    So, I’ve extracted the file and then set it to run as Admin. And still, every time I’m trying to record something it doesn’t work. There pops up a message saying it has a invalid format or something, god I don’t even know what the hell that message is trying to tell me. Every time I press “OK” or try to close the little window it just pops up again three seconds later. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong!
    I love the idea of your program and I’m going to buy it, I just want to make sure that it works first..

    • Try pasting this into your settings.txt file

      startup|ZmFsc2U=&dithering|ZmFsc2U=&update|dHJ1ZQ==&sound|dHJ1ZQ==&framerate|OQ==&quality|MA==&font family|QXJpYWw=&stop record tutorial|ZmFsc2U=&stop url copied tutorial|ZmFsc2U=&record cursor|ZmFsc2U=&

      Make sure all files are extracted

      • Thankyouthankyouthankyou, that really helped and oh jesus you’re a lovely person.
        Keep up the good work and expect a donation soon, I’m just a little bit broke at the moment ..

        • Oh, I’m sorry for bothering you so much.
          I made a GIF, and when I tried to save it everything just crashes. Go figures. So I’ve extracted all the files to their own folder, I’m running it as Admin and I’ve made sure that it’s an exception in my firewall.
          When I save it there’s a message saying that there’s a problem with the program and that Windows is trying to find a solution. Then it gives me the option to close the program, and nothing gets saved. (
          Do you have any suggestions?

          • If you are on x64, download the new x64 version.

            Try downloading the new 1.5 version I uploaded an hour ago as well.

  81. Could you compile a X64 version with the 64 bit version ImageMagick library since it crash on win64 with 1.5 ?

    Thx !

  82. I’ve tried running as admin and even set it to always run as admin, but the tool still crashes everytime I try to save a gif. I’ve also put everything in a seperate folder. Is there anything specific I need to call the folder? Any privileges I need to give the program? Any settings I can try tweaking?

  83. When trying to say a gif i get:

    Application: Screen 2.exe
    Framework Version: v4.0.30319
    Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
    Exception Info: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
    at WpfApplication1.Editor.(System.Object)
    at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(System.Object)
    at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object, Boolean)
    at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object)
    at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart(System.Object)

    Btw i have xp sp3.

  84. v1.5 is giving me a “Giffing Tool has stopped working.” message and crashing every time I try to save a gif. I have tried all compatibility and AV settings (even disabled my AV altogether). No dice. This has never been an issue with previous versions. Please advise. Great tool, btw!

  85. Great program, unfortunately it crashes every time I try to save one. I did everything it says up there to do in case this happens with no luck. Still crashes when I go save.

  86. Im still having trouble uploading my gifs. i saw the previous persons comment but even after i upload to imgur or something it just shows up in tumblr as a still.

  87. I’m using the Giffing Tool (which is a greatest thing I’ve found this year) and It works fine until I upload it to tumblr. Before I upload the gif plays out fine. Then when I upload it it freezes and you can only see the image of the beginning. The rest of the gif doesn’t play. Please, help?

    • Some people have had this issue with tumblr. Try uploading it to one of the services in the app and downloading it from there. A work around for now

        • The size gets reduced in the long run because of Tumblr’s layout. Just don’t make too long of a .gif and you should be fine. 300 x whatever is fairly large.

  88. when i click on new it says
    System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format3
    at System.Number.ParseSingle(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
    at WpfApplication1.MainWindow.()

    and it loop until i kill it with the task manager

    • Extract all files, make sure no other application is blocking file access of the app. Set the app to run in compatibility mode Windows XP SP2 and run as admin.

      • That didn’t worket for me. Last tool was 1.3 was worked fine. After that this same error always.

        • Try pasting this into your settings file

          startup|ZmFsc2U=&dithering|ZmFsc2U=&update|dHJ1ZQ==&sound|dHJ1ZQ==&framerate|OQ==&quality|MA==&font family|QXJpYWw=&stop record tutorial|ZmFsc2U=&stop url copied tutorial|ZmFsc2U=&record cursor|ZmFsc2U=&

  89. Hey so I just tried to download the 1.4 update (kinda sucks that it was mandatory btw!) and I look in the zip file, and settings.txt is completely blank. It was a size of 0 both expanded and unexpanded. Downloaded multiple times, did not fix the issue. I’m not sure if this is what’s causing it, but now I keep getting the error on startup that it can’t find settings.txt (I am running as admin) even though the file’s right there.

    • Have you extracted all the files out of the zip? The update is only mandatory for 1.0, every version since has had optional updates.

  90. Hi, I get this error when I click on the “Options” button:
    Since this error is equal to Dominick’s, I already tried everything you told him to do (I’m running it as admin, already tried running it as Win XP 2 compatible and I downloaded/extracted everything twice). If I click “New” the application crashes, and after I get the error in the screenshot (after clicking options) it crashes as well. Thanks in advance

        • The only reason it would crash when it is in the options is because it is unable to access the settings.txt file. Make sure nothing is blocking the app

          • All files have full access to the other files in the folder, so I see no reason why the .exe isn’t reading the settings. Is it normal for the settings.txt to be empty…?

          • The settings file is suppose to be empty so when the app is run. It fills it with the default settings. If it cannot set the settings in the file or read the settings. The app’s file access is being blocked.

          • I have no idea what else to do… Thanks for your help anyway and thank you for all this :)

          • Try moving the files around to somewhere like the C:\ drive and adding it as an exception to any anti-viruses you may be using. A last resort may be disabling UAC.

  91. My zip is but it’s still saying Version 1.2 in the about tab.

  92. After running your program and pressing the red button, New, and selecting the area, the program simply would not record. It pops up a message which is normal I think since it asks me to try to keep it between 5-10 seconds long for recording. After pressing yes or no, the outcome is still the same. Nothing happens. When examining in task manager, I see that the program encounters a major memory leak. Not sure what exactly is causing the problem though it could possibly be external programs causing issues with it. The memory leak seems to reach around 1.2GB of ram and hovers back and forth +/- 50MB but slowly increasing over time still.

    OS: Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit
    RAM: 16GB Ram

    I’ll post a follow up message IF an external program is causing the issue. Thanks for this awesome program. Now the only thing left is to get this working on my PC :P .

    • One you select an area, it starts recording and you press ESC to stop recording.

      If you receive that popup to record 5-10 seconds repeatedly. It means it cannot save the settings to stop prompting you.

      This is from either

      • Not extracting all the files and running it outside of the zip
      • UAC is blocking it from accessing its settings file and you need to run it as admin
      • Some other application is blocking file access
      • Hi, thanks for the fast reply. Actually, I was being mentally challenged that time hah. Forgot to hit esc. But anyway, the program does use a lot of RAM but I guess that is normal since this program is new. Thanks again for this awesome program. I’ll definitely donate for this!

  93. So looking through these bugs I didn’t see this one, doesn’t mean you didn’t address it already.
    Downloaded 1st version and 1st update. Came back monday and downloaded newest update. Problem didn’t arise until this morning.
    Upon down loading each update I replaced the previous files and used the same folder originally designated.

    GiffingTool loads properly, click New, screen greys out, select area. Upon completion of the Select Area process, program closes. After a few minutes or upon relaunch of GiffingTool, error message arises displaying text:

    “System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0×80004005): The handle is invalid at System.Drawing.Graphics.CopyFromScreen(Point upperLeftSource, Point upperLeftDestination, Size blockRegionSize)
    at WpfApplication1.MainWindow.|()

    • Hey, so just download the latest version again, tried selecting area…same thing happened. Only after the ‘Press Esc to Stop Recording’ Message box came up . So pressed escape and low and behold, about 4 GiffingTool Editor windows popped up…3 out of 4 had been recording the whole time 0_O…that would explain the High Memory Usage: GiffingTool alerts I was getting while the program was closed (I though). All set now I believe, have been unsuccessful in replicating reported bug.

  94. When capturing a big image giffing tool won’t resize. This makes it so I can’t see the bottom part of my image and the app itself.

  95. Whenever I record a .gif, it only captures some of the area I selected. The aspect ratio of the .gif stays the same, but it only captures 2/3 of what I wanted to. Would you happen to know the problem or how to solve it? I have a feeling it’s something to do with my monitor resolution, since it’s the ancient 1024×768. Any help would be much appreciated.

  96. Whenever I click new and highlight an area, the app closes and nothing happens. I have both the 3.5 and the 4.0 installed. Also when I click settings, it gives me a message that says, “It seems something went wrong. Try recording a smaller area for a shorter time period to not overload your computer’s memory.” and when I close the error message, the app crashes and does not respond.

  97. Hi. I have a problem when the application just crashes every time I start it. Both .NET Framework 3.5 and .NET Framework 4.0 are installed. And in my settings.txt is completely empty. I tried downloading it twice thinking it might’ve not downloaded properly the first time but it’s the same. Any ideas why that happens?

    • Open your settings file and paste this into it


      Then save and run the app

  98. Everytime I click new nothing happens. The application is running without restrictions and I have set it to run as admin. Anything else I may have been doing wrong?

  99. I can’t upload my, Gif image to any of the selected websites like imgur i even restarted my computer and still wont upload.

  100. Whenever i finish recording it just shows a black screen or the last frame recorded when i try to edit it

  101. The giffingtool screen-capture does not stop when I would like it to, it continues until it automatically ends the capture. Also, you can not change the hotkeys, not sure if that feature is unimplemented or what.

  102. Crashes as soon as it loads. I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. I have .NET Framework 3.5 and 4 installed. All files are extracted to one folder, the executable is running as admin. The messages I get are:
    “Nazwa zdarzenia problemu” means “Error event name”, and “Podpis problemu” means “Error signature:”.

  103. When the app goes into tray for whatever reason, I can’t open it back up. neither right click nor left click work. running on windows 7 64bit with admin privileges and all updates up to date.

    • also, naming the .exe “giffingtool” instead of “screen 2″ is, in my opinion, a much better choice.

      • It crashes when I rename it so it is a bug I have to work on. To be honest, even “Giffing Tool” was a generic name just like Screen, but after the app went viral. I had no choice, but to keep the name.

    • If it goes to the tray when you select an area to record. It means that the application is recording and you need to press ESC to stop recording.

  104. i cant get this to work on both of my computers. Please help

    it says that i need it install Net frame work v4.0.3019 i tried it and still no available

  105. The updated version crashes on launch. (only 1.1)
    Windows is up to date and framwork is installed

    • I have the same problem. Old one worked but the updated version crashes with a “Giffing Tool has stopped working” notification.

      Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
      Problem Signature 01: screen 2.exe
      Problem Signature 02:
      Problem Signature 03: 51cdd59f
      Problem Signature 04: mscorlib
      Problem Signature 05:
      Problem Signature 06: 50484bd7
      Problem Signature 07: e49
      Problem Signature 08: 8a
      Problem Signature 09: System.FormatException

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